5th Annual

CPA Practice and Financial Freedom SuperConference 2014

June 20 - 22, 2014
Chicago, IL


Here's what you'll get . . .

Systematize your practice: The only THREE things you should be thinking about to quickly get to smooth, successful and extremely profitable practice.

Dominate Your Market: How to take your practice from where it is now to the top 1% of your market in warp-speed. This simple shift in how you market will give you the single biggest advantage anyone practitioner would love to have.

Convert MORE Prospects: Most effective way to Maximize the Profitability of Your leads.

More with Less: How to Double Your Profits with the Same Amount of time, money, and energy you’re putting into your practice now.

Keep Your Clients, Yours: How to Lock an IRON CAGE Around Your clients, Skyrocketing the Lifetime Value of Each AND Every One.

Increase Productivity: Simple 20 Minute Exercise I Held with My Team, Nearly Doubled productivity in one week. So Simple, You Can Begin Tomorrow and Get Amazing Results.

Publicity Tactics: FREE Information that’s Available to the Public that My Team and I Used to Increase client attraction. You’ll Discover Where to Get This Information and How to Use it effectively to Get Maximum Results.

In a nutshell: We’ll help you identify the “profit killers” that keep practitioners grinding just to survive, instead of growing and thriving. More importantly, you’ll go back home with the “quick fix” solutions that gets you and your practice free from stagnation and stalling, give you new levels of profitability and success...and a much greater sense of control and pleasure from running your practice.

I Will ADD at Least Another 6-Figures to My Bottom Line!
“This workshop was phenomenal and I absolutely love that it was geared toward CPAs. The best thing is that the majority of people that were in this room- speakers as well as the attendees- we all spoke the same language and understand and really get each other’s businesses. It’s so wonderful to see so many out of the box things being implemented that really, really work. I feel really excited because even though I was one of the speakers and there are a lot of things that I’ve already implemented that are working really well in my business, I’m confident that I have taken away some additional information that’s going to add at least another 6-figures to my bottom line probably easily. So this was a really great event.”

Maggie Mayer, CPA - Madison, CT

You’ll walk away with the specifics to:

  • Create systems that bring you new QUALITY Clients automatically
  • Brand yourself as the top CPA in your market place
  • Create POWERFUL ads that out-pull all competitors
  • Create a referral culture that cures your need for clients
  • Find new profit centers in your existing practice
  • Recruit the best talent to work for you
  • Build a practice that runs itself

At the CPA Practice and Financial Freedom SuperConference 2014, you’ll get face-to-face time with some of the nation’s hottest and highest producing practitioners, speakers, and bonafide experts… where you can pump them for their best secrets, tips, and techniques that you can implement right away.
Content was MONEY!
“The speakers were outstanding, and the content was MONEY….seriously!!”

Dennis Bridges, CPA – Atlanta, GA

Here's my All-Star line-up of speakers . . .

Salim Omar, CPA: “Anatomy of Scaling a Practice from ZERO to Six Figures Per Month in 3 YEARS or Less”

It took me 8 years to perfect it but it’ll take you only 90 minutes to discover the newest strategies that are working NOW for me and my most successful practitioners to rapidly create FIRM FORTUNES.

In 90 minutes, you can move quickly to secure your financial freedom (as I did) and retire comfortably. In 90 minutes, you can have a proven game plan that propels you to new, higher level of performance and success. In 90 minutes, you can feel inspired, motivated, and renew your passion for your practice.

This session is about total financial make-overs….from burdened with debt, buried in overhead, uncertain of true costs and profits, managing by guesswork, to being firmly in control day by day, reducing overhead, escaping slavery to debt, saving, investing…

You’ll get to watch live as I reveal my processes layer by layer…everything from where I find dynamic staff…attract high quality clients…systematize my practice for maximum profits in with little of my time required (I only work 3 days in my office).

I have one simple goal in Chicago…to give you the tools, the blueprint, the game plan to help you achieve your potential, to fully manifest and realize your abilities…to be all you can be.

Dr. Steve Rasner

Dr. Rasner spoke at one of my previous events and if you were in the room, you don’t need me to tell you how amazing it was. That’s exactly why I reached out to him because 90 minutes certainly wasn’t enough to get him to share his entire wisdom. What makes Dr. Rasner unique?

The small, lagging town of Bridgeton, NJ has remained nationally ranked for its unemployment, poverty levels and lack of growth. During this same period, Dr. Rasner has nurtured a private practice that grosses over $4.1 million per year on a four day work week and a “substantial bottom line.” His team of 21 has been with the practice an average of 17 years.

He brings a fresh voice to the CPA industry and his presentation is designed to galvanize practices around the world. Drawing from his experience of 30 consecutive years of increased growth and profitability, Dr. Rasner shares the secrets to overcoming the inevitable obstacles that stand in your way of maximizing your potential. Leadership principles that have kept his team of 21 together for an average of 17 years. Where balance fits into the dynamic of success. How the super achiever can give back to the world and not miss out on the most important part of the journey; family, friends and a full life.

Rita Keller: “The Top 8 Trends in The Accounting Industry Today”

Rita is one of the most highly respected expert in the nation and she has frequently been named one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting. She’s among the pioneers in our profession and THE go-to-person if you want to know where our industry is headed.

Rita is a nationally known CPA firm management consultant, speaker, author. She is a former shareholder and Chief Operating Officer of a successful, regional CPA firm and has over 30 years’ hands-on experience in the management, marketing, technology and administration of a successful firm.

During her presentation, you will discover key strategies for thriving during changing times. Not only that, she will reveal breakthrough technologies to distinguish your firm from the competition and keep it from stagnancy.

You’ll have the ability to hire better people, utilize a more effective internal management system, and simplify operational and implementation issues in order to get far more done in less time.

Perry Marshall: Your Practice is an Onslaught of Distraction…

“How to Use The 80/20 Principle To Create Breakthroughs In Every Aspect of Your Practice”

Everyone is searching for the trick, the technique, the magic pill that will tip you over the edge into success and freedom. The problem is most of the “tricks” work for a few weeks or months and then expire. And often, they don’t work at all. 80/20 is not a trick. It is a law of nature, a far-reaching principle and deep truth that describes almost everything in the world.

It will shave 1-2 hours of wasted time off of your day, every day in 2014 (and beyond). It will laser focus your marketing, your team building efforts, your mindset, and your systems for maximum traction.

Perry was recently conversing with Richard Koch, author of the original classic “The 80/20 Principle”. Richard is worth over $100 Million Dollars. They both agree 80/20 is the one magic pill that actually works. Most people think they understand 80/20. Not one person in 1000 actually does. That’s why the greatest secret to success is MASTERY of 80/20 principle. And at the SuperConference, Perry’s presentation is your first step on this journey.

No discovery you make in your practice will have more permanent and lasting benefits than this session. When you reach a place where you can walk into any situation in your practice and identity the 80/20’s, then you can solve almost any marketing problem, client problem, productivity problem, and any money problem.

Mark Imperial: “Secret Strategies That Instantly Positions You as the TOP CPA in Your Local Market And Skyrockets Your Status and Income”

Mark Imperial is a world renowned expert in the fields of marketing and brand positioning and if you’re struggling to get an edge over the competition, then you’re about to be floored with what Mark will share with you in Chicago.

Why? Because how to position yourself as the OBVIOUS Authority in your market place is the one advantage that can truly open up the floodgates to massive clients, wealth, and freedom.

Mark has created a system so dangerously good and easy to use that’s currently being used by some of the top entrepreneurs to dominate their market and keep them hovering over the rest.

And during his presentation, he will let you in on his biggest secrets that others have paid up to five figures to learn and can help you and your practice stand out from the rest and get the respect and income you deserve.

Nate Hagerty: “Optimize, Automate, and Outsource Your Way to Online Fortune”

Yes, Nate is coming back again…why? Because my audience simply can’t get enough of him! A 10-year veteran of the tax and accounting industry -- with a focus on Internet Marketing and Direct Response media, Nate Hagerty has established a reputation for straight-talk and results on behalf of members and concierge clients, and has become a widely-followed and respected marketing voice to the industry.

At this event, Nate will present his proven methods on how you can get a consistent flow of NEW quality clients into your practice, without breaking the bank or becoming an online tech wiz. This isn’t going to be boring, technical mumbo-jumbo that’ll leave you scratching your head. Nate's approach is simple, to the point, and in less than an hour, you’ll have a proven plan that will get you (and keep you) in top position online in your local market without struggle or strain. That means when a client within your area searches for a CPA, they see you first before any of your competition and you get to stay on top.

But That’s NOT ALL: You’re also going to experience hands-on clinics and sessions that take you through the steps of the critical income-generating activities you need to put in place…so that your practice runs on autopilot.

Completely REMOVE YOUR PHYSICAL SELF from the time-sucking day to day minutiae that drains and exhausts you.

Mr. X (Surprise Guest!)

In 2003, he walked out of a homeless shelter and built an Inc 5000 company with over $20,000,000 in sales in just 60 months. Today Mr.X is one of the nation’s most powerful speakers and a driven motivator who teaches others the Sales and Prosperity Mindset philosophies that catapulted him from desperation and poverty to a life wealth and prosperity.Mr. X is a successful entrepreneur, sales expert and author of a NY Times bestseller. Who exactly is Mr. X? Join us in Chicago to find out!

Here are the secrets these speakers will reveal to you:

  • Step by Step blueprint to DOUBLE your practice in 12 months or less
  • How to TRIPLE your client conversions instantly
  • NEVER discount your services ever again using this single technique
  • Where to find an untapped pond of quality clients most overlook
  • A proven ‘secret’ tactic for making more money per each client transaction
  • A sure-fire strategy for unloading ALL your ‘time-sucking’ calls & emails for pennies on the dollar

  • Who, When, and How to Hire…so you don’t waste time and money
  • How to structure staff compensation so everyone wins
  • Skyrocket your productivity and efficiency in just 9 days flat
  • How to SIMPLIFY today’s mind-boggling technology to streamline your practice
  • How to create raving fans who will enthusiastically refer you in a heartbeat
  • Shortcuts to document everything so if a staff person leaves, your practice continues to hum along and run like a finely tuned engine
  • Fool proof work flow strategies that will enable you to process the work quickly and efficiently
  • Super Success Secrets of the top producing practitioners
  • How to finally put an end to living “tax season-to-tax season’
  • Life changing “7-Point Prospecting System” that leaves your competition in the dust
  • Secret Keys to Becoming the “Go-To” CPA in your market
  • Personal ‘Business Booster’ Sessions to get you rocking right out of the gate
  • The Latest, Must-have technology to help you produce the work with blazing speed and efficiency
  • How to Add THOUSANDS in revenue to your bottom line with this one simple strategy
  • Proven lead sources for local business owners
  • How to position yourself as the AUTHORITY and EXPERT in your market

  • And TONS More
Structures and Systems to Develop Staff and Increase Retention!
“I think probably the biggest thing I learned at this workshop was some of the structures and systems to put in place that’s going to help develop staff and increase retention, which by implementing those things will lead to a lot higher level of client and employee satisfaction. What I think that’s going to do is going to make it a lot more fun to go to work and make it a lot easier to work on my business and not have to be there worrying about everything being handled on a moment to moment basis.”

Randy Owens, EA- Santa Ana, CA

You’ll get a consistent, predictable income. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Waking up in the morning knowing that the money’s coming in without fretting, sweating, and worrying when your next income source will show up?

That’s exactly why I want to change all that for you when you join us at the CPA Practice and Financial Freedom SuperConference2014 in Chicago. You need something new that works better, and that is why the advanced secrets I’m going to teach (along with my superstar line up of speakers) are so much more effective. They show you how to clearly and dramatically stand out from the clutter, and trigger maximum results in any economy. You’ll hear an amazing group of industry transformers, each primed to deliver you lots of proven, money-making strategies and a dose of inspiration. Although there are more to come, here are just two superstars who will be joining us in Chicago.

So as a special bonus, you get to participate in our High Level…

  • Practice Planning Clinic: Discover the anatomy of a successful practice and the parts you may be missing that’s holding you back.
  • “What’s Working NOW” Panel: See LIVE examples of some of the “TOP SECRET” strategies that you can copy and paste….currently being used by my top clients to dominate their markets.
  • Prospecting Clinic: This session will reveal exactly where to fish for quality clients in your market and gain a massive advantage over your competition.
  • SuperStars Panel: Want to know what the top 1% are doing? Then you can’t afford to miss this because top producing practitioners will let you in on their top profit generating strategies…you won’t find a panel like this on one stage anywhere else.
  • Live Q&A Super Session: Let it all out. Concerns about your practice, staff…questions about marketing, hiring, clients….whatever is on your mind, ask away.
  • “Double Your Practice” Hot Seats: Know where your low-hanging fruits are? There are literally tens of thousands of dollars in every practice just waiting to be tapped into and if you’re willing to get on stage, we’ll dissect your practice apart and show you where you’re most immediate profits are waiting for you.

Each Super-Star Speaker and Trainer will share with you their never-before-revealed ‘crown jewels’ for maximizing your income… clients… technology… staff productivity.....mindset… and systems.

GUARANTEE #1:   By 6:00pm day one, if you don’t get several times your investment, hand us your badge, turn in your materials, & WE’LL REFUND YOUR TUITION FEE PLUS Travel Reimbursement Up To $500.
GUARANTEE #2:   DOUBLE YOUR TUITION BACK if you don’t Increase COLLECTIONS $50,000/yr. within 12 months. If you can honestly say you tried some of the strategies and if don’t bump your annual collections by at least $50,000 within 12 months after the SuperConference, let us know. We'll swiftly refund DOUBLE your entire tuition PLUSTravel Reimbursement Up To $500.
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Fantastic Event!
“Hi Salim- The event was fantastic. I won’t go into the details of what I thought here, but I have tons of ideas. I just wrote the rough draft for the table of contents for a book that I’ll have done in about a year.”

Craig Mason, CPA- Elgin, IL

You’ll experience 3 jam-packed days of Engaging, Interactive, and High Octane…

•and Live Training

…created especially to help you blast your way to massive success.

You’ll walk away from this event with exclusive ‘top secret materials’ to catapult you to #1 in your market…and beyond.

But don’t take my word for it.

Hear what others have to say about what’s in store for you…

I’ve Learned So Much!
“I’ve learned so much, it’s hard to pin-point one thing, but overall the best thing I’ll be able to take home from this is getting into the right mindset and understanding how all the marketing- everything you do- correlates and effects your business presence, your branding, and your image.”

Skylar Dubrow, CPA - Westlake Village, CA

Not Afraid to Fail!
“I think the best thing that I’ve learned is not to be afraid to fail. Many great leaders and celebrities have failed many times, and I think for me perfection has always kept me from trying new things and putting myself out there. But, just being able to self-promote and being confident I think can really help my practice.”

Karen Lee, CPA - Renton, WA

Salim Gives You That Last Extra Edge You Need!
“I know Salim gives you that last extra edge that you need, he brings that out of you in the CPA world. That’s why we do events like this. That’s why he has speakers like me at these events. To inspire, to motivate you, to make you relentless, and to make you a winner.”

Wayne Allyn Root, Former Vice Presidential Nominee

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What will you do with your $50,000 raise?

Pay off bills, get out of debt? Put it toward a new home or remodel your present home? Have a mortgage-burning party? Get a new truck or car? Finally hire that extra person you really need, to expand, and to stop doing it all yourself? Take extra time off or take your family on a really great vacation? Disney ... a cruise ... a lazy week in a beach front resort?

Secure your son's or daughter's college education? Invest for your retirement? Go ahead, get out a yellow legal pad and spend that $50,000 "bonus money" as you see fit, because the way I see it, it is the LEAST that'll be coming to you ....

By now you should be convinced that this event is unlike any you've ever attended...or even heard about. You should also know by now whether this event is right for you, which is why...

You Have To Take Action To Get Results...

At this point there really isn't much else I can say. Other than register for this event now.

I'm serious...do it now.

I sincerely hope you will want to be with me, these 3 days on June20th – June 22nd, 2014 in Chicago.

Register now, for the lowest fee special discount.

You are GUARANTEED an awesome experience - or your fee refunded, your hotel bill covered, your air travel reimbursed up to $500.

Can’t wait to meet you personally in Chicago!


Salim Omar

Salim Omar, CPA

P.S.: In addition to all the benefits outlines in this letter, you will receive 22 hours of CPE credits for attending this 3-day event.

P.P.S.: By coming to the SuperConference, you demonstrate your passion for excellence. And that’s what juices and excites every one of the speakers and trainers you’ll meet.

Practical Ideas For Practical Management and Development
“This is the first time I’m attending this conference with Salim. The last three days have been really fantastic, and it’s been like doing a MBA in my practice management and development. I have learned a lot! The first thing I learned was the mindset, having the appropriate mindset, progressive mindset it important. I was having difficulty and struggling with that, but a lot of the components became very clear in respect to having a proper mindset and then translating that into practical actions of market development.

Kirpal Bhogal, CPA - Toronto, Canada

Your passionate, hungry presence means we WANT to give you everything we’ve got. Don’t you want to be surrounded by like-minded people ready to give their all and play and participate full out?

Now, that being said, I need to be totally transparent with you and issue these words of caution…

WARNING: This event is not for everyone.

If you’re someone who waits for life to happen to them, please DO NOT attend. You’ll be wasting your time and money.

If you’re happy where you’re at and have no need to grow or take your practice to untold heights, please stay at home.

If you’re a naysayer and believe that no matter what you do or try is ever going to change your situation, PLEASE do not attend.

This SuperConference is for serious practitioners who are looking to…

• Gain a massive edge over the competition

• Take a quantum jump in income

• Run their practices on autopilot

• Take full advantage and control of the latest technology

• Implement sure-fire systems that work while you sleep

• Live a lifestyle where you’re not captive to your JOB

That’s it then. If you’re ready to stand out from the rest of the 95% of CPA’s who are just ‘getting by,’ get to the SuperConference…

And LEAP to the front of the line in your market.

Make an impact. Make a difference in your life…and in the lives of others.

Sign Up Today and Attract All the Clients You Can Handle For Only $497 (Bring Guests for $97 each)!

Register Now And You Can Attend The CPA Practice and Financial Freedom SuperConference 2014 for the registration fees of only $497.

As with every Genius event, you are completely protected by our 100%+ Guarantee:

If at the end of the conference, you decide that we have not blown you away, let me know and you get 100% of your money back, guaranteed. Plus, we’ll even pay for up to $500 of your documented travel expenses. There is no risk for you, even if your plans change. If your schedule changes and you can’t make it to the conference, you can get a full refund before May 15, 2014, or after that date, a credit toward a future Genius event or on any CPA Marketing Genius product on CPAmarketingGenius.com!


YES, I Want to Join You in Chicago